Reviews for Hawk

"A worthy companion to Wolf Journal, Hawk returns us to the beloved Allegheny Mountains of the author's youth for another gripping adventure grounded in the spiritual wisdom of the native Susquehannocks. With a deft hand for character development and a deep reverence for the wonder of our natural world, Mr. Connolly has crafted, in Hawk, a tale that will appeal to youth and adults alike."

Kathy Reynolds
Oberlin, Ohio

"Hawk is a many layered book that calls for many readings. Connolly skillfully weaves Native American history, wolf ecology, adventure, teen-age romance, and memorable characters into this short novel. A carefully managed plot line and Connolly's/Hawk's message of responsibility for recognizing, respecting, and restoring the wholeness of nature unite these stories into a cohesive whole. And Connolly's rich descriptions appeal to all the senses, drawing the reader into his wilderness, making the reader part of the unfolding story, and adding immensely to the pleasure of the book."

Betsy Downey
Professor of History
Gonzaga University

"Connolly's powerful prose, poetic descriptions, and hauntingly beautiful imagery evoke the howl of the wolf and invite thoughtful contemplation of man's relationship to the natural world. With detail and insights based on years of watching wolves, Connolly opens a window into the wild. Hawk teaches and inspires us to respect nature and celebrate it because "to embrace the natural world is to embrace yourself."

Kathie Lynch
Biology Teacher/Wolf Watcher

"Hawk is a great read for all generations. My preservice teachers love it as do the sixth graders they work with! What a great book for me to model integrating literature with science and social studies. Brian Connolly's imagery brings back memories of hiking in the Allegheny Mountains with my Girl Scout troop. As soon as I finished reading Hawk, I just had to head out for a hike!"

Dr. Beth Shiner Klein
Associate Professor of Science Education
State University of New York, Cortland