Reviews for Wolf Journal

"Reminiscent of Gary Paulson's powerfully detailed nature novels, Wolf Journal educates as it involves the emotions of readers. When Jimmy discovers a previously unknown wolf in northern Pennsylvania, his desperation to protect the beautiful animal and his mate send him on a suspenseful and sad journey. A new girlfriend and a Susquehannock Indian provide staunch allies for this young high-school-aged man. This novel has everything: beautiful setting, romance, adventure, sympathetic characters. Details about the docility and intelligence of wolves will surprise the reader. Wolf hunters should be forced to read this one!"

Amy Alessio, Judge
Oregon Book Awards

"I woke up at 4am today and your book was nearby so I started it. I finished it before I left for work! I really enjoyed it--congratulations on a fun novel that is also very educational."

Nina Fascione
Vice-President, Field Conservation Programs
Defenders of Wildlife